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Bruce T. Carroll

New Shows at River Spirit Music, Daryl's House, Hudson Valley Folk Guild and Woodbury Brewery!

New Shows at River Spirit Music Daryl039s House Hudson Valley Folk Guild and Woodbury Brewery


Excited for the next six weeks, several excellent shows in the offing!

Starting with tomorrow night's show at River Spirit Music's House concert in Hastings, NY (Saturday, Dec 16th, 8pm) with the incredible chanteuse Antje Duvekot! Met her first when she accompanied Ellis Paul at the Watercolor Cafe several years back, and then again at the New England Songwriters Retreat in Ct... She is a brilliant songwriter and a beautiful singer, I'm honored to open the show for her! Here's the link for tix:

In January, I'll be in Rock Tavern, NY at the Hudson Valley Folk Guild on Saturday Jan 13th...I'll be the featured performer that night, following the open mic that draws a lot of the finest singer/songwriters in the Hudson Valley. Should be a fun night!

The next week I'll be appearing at Daryl's House on Saturday, January 20th. Its a brunch show, starting at 12 noon, and It'll be a trio show, with the great Deni Bonet playing violin and the steady Miles East on percussion and vocals. Make reservations ahead of time (no cover, just eat!)...

Then, on Sunday, January 28th I'll be doing an awesome show with Ct State Troubadour Kala Farnham at the Woodbury Brewery in Woodbury CT at 7pm, a show curated by CONNartists...Details will be announced soon, but for now just mark the date..

Carry on folks, these are tough times, a little bit scary. Keep the focus!