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Bruce T. Carroll

New Dates and No Depression Review!

Coming off a busy few months, looking forward to the next few!
Some gigs coming up in the next few weeks include:
Friday, March 9th: Dogwood Tavern, Beacon, NY, at 8:30pm....Happy to be opening the show for Dan Zlotnick and his set at 8:30pm...
Wednesday, March 14th: Muscoot Tavern, Somers, NY, at 7pm....Returning to this "fabled eatery"...they are now doing live music every Wednesday and every other Saturday....A solo show!
Thursday, March 15th: Bar'lees in Mamaroneck, NY, at 7pm...Back to my old stomping ground, up the road a mile from the old Watercolor Cafe...Surely some of my ole friends can come out for this one? Tommy Mandel will be sitting in on keys, always an interesting listen!
Wednesday, March 21st: Alvin and Friends, New Rochelle, NY,at 7:30pm: Alvin's is a great spot, with a grand piano and a history of offering great instrumental jazz on weekends.This is the third evening as part of an ongoing songwriters residency with my pal Monica Uhn that is held the third Wednesday of every month. Highly recommended!

Now, although Ruckus and Romance has been out over a year, and its getting some nice airplay around the land, I've been hoping to get some reviews that might acknowledge some of the hard work and long hours dedicated to making it...Well, happy to say that two days ago No Depression (a "magazine" of some note dedicated to Americana and roots music) ran a glowing piece written by John Apice that praised it highly! Thank you to John, and to all the people who have taken the time to listen to it, buy it, or download it!
Here's the link: