Bruce T. Carroll

Hastings Riverfront Show, Falcon (Full Band) Show, plus the Bitter End!

Hope your summer is going well!
Lots of great shows coming up in the next couple of months...
The first is an incredible evening on the banks of the mighty Hudson River this Tuesday, Sept 21st at 7pm! I'll be opening for Jim Gaudet and the Railroad Boys in the last outdoor summer concert sponsored by River Spirit Music in Hastings, NY..The band will be me, Marc Shulman, Sara Milonovich, Tommy Mandel, Lee Falco on drums, and Brandon Morrison on bass...very loose, and very energetic when this group plays..very exciting!
Then, on Thursday, Sept 6th, I'll be headling at one of my favorite clubs, The Falcon, in Marlboro NY, at 8pm...Again, full band, but this time with Marc, Sara, Tommy, and Lincoln Schlieffer on bass and Joe Bonadio on drums..This should be an intense, driving show!Well worth the 30 min drive up to Marlboro!
The third and final full band show coming up will be at The Bitter End in NYC on Saturday, Oct 13th...same band configuration as the Falcon show, but this time we'll be bringing it on a Saturday night, so no excuses about work the next day!:)
Other than that, I have a whole slew of solo/duo and trio shows all over the place in the coming months...Sarah's, Bar'lees, 6 Degrees, Alvin and Friends, The Bean Runner....Check the schedule on this website, and PLEASE scroll down to the bottom of this page and get on the mailing list so I can give you updates!
Hope to see y'all soon!

updated: 1 year ago